Many games are created on a regular basis, but only some games are capable of keeping people stuck in it and glued to their phone for ours.

Bingo Bash is one such game which can be addicted. Millions of people play this game daily and having a great time.

So if you want to kick into the boat and try out Bingo Bash as a newbie, then this article is for you as we will tell how you can download this app on your smartphone.

Bingo Bash is available on Android and iOS. So no matter which OS you are on, you will get a tutorial on how to download and install Bingo Bash on Android and iOS.

Bingo Bash: Live Bingo & Slots

Bingo Bash will give you the raw Bingo experience but on your smartphone. You will play against other online players, and you need to buy cards so that you can get a slot in the room to Bingo.

When the game starts, and you entered the room, a number will show up on the screen, and you need to mark it on your Bingo Card as soon as it appears.

As per the traditional Bingo rules, the first one to call Bingo will be the winner. If you do not win the game in the first round, it does not mean you need to buy cards again.

There are 5 more rounds that you can play with those our purchased cards.

Bingo Bash is not one of a kind, and there are many competitors in the apps store and Google Play Store.

But the intuitive gaming experience of Bingo Bash makes it a stand out games among all the other Bingo related games.

The game is rated as 12+, so it is a child-friendly game and you can play it with your children and other family members.

How to download Bingo Bash for Android

The app is compatible with Andrew version 4.2 jelly bean and above. The game is not that heavy for what it offers. So here are the steps to install Bingo Bash on Android for free.

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Go to the search button and type “Bingo Bash.”
  3. Now hit the search icon.
  4. You will see an install button.
  5. Simply tap on it, and the game will be installed in your android smartphone.

How to download Bingo Bash on iOS

Bingo Bash can also be installed directly from the iOS App Store. The app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above.

Following are the steps to download Bingo Bash: Live Bingo & Slots on iOS

  1. Using your iOS device, open App Store.
  2. Now search for Bingo Bash : Live Bingo & Slots in all store.
  3. Enter the install page and information page and simply tap in “Install.”
  4. The app icon will show up in the app drawer, and the download circle progress will start.

The app will be available and ready to play when the downloading is completed.