Betting industry is huge today and when we hear the word “Betting” a normal person who does not bet would think that you just have to bet a specific amount of money in a game and if the team he chose wins he will win the money, but that is not true and betting options which are used in betting sites may seem much more complex than what you think it is.

Betting is not Black and white; it is not winning or losing, well not almost every case. The sports teams which are playing against each will result in a win or lose or draw.

The scenarios for people who are betting in that particular match (for example – Soccer) will not see the option of placing a bet on winning team, losing team or a draw.

Under 1.5 goals is a term which you may have seen a lot of time when visiting a betting site, specifically in a soccer matches page.

There is no such thing as 1.5 goals in a conventional soccer match. The goals are not counted infraction, so why there are 1.5 goals when it comes to betting?

If you are confused about this term they stick to this article because I will tell you about “Under 1.5 goals” and you won’t get any confusion about betting anymore.

What is Under 1.5 Goals?

Under 1.5 Goals means that there should not be more than 1goal. If you place a bet on “Under 1.5 Goals”and the team scored 1 or none then you win the bet.

The same goes for “Over 1.5 Goals”, the team should score 2 or more goals.

The term may seem complex, but 0.5 is added to eliminate any sort of confusion among the people who are betting.

For example – if there is under 1 goal and the team score 1 goal, then it would raise confusion for the person who is betting. He will be confused about whether he won the bet or not.

0.5 makes sure that there is no possible outcome of a draw. In the betting scene, it is far more interesting for the people to either win the bet or lose the bet than to have a draw as a conclusion.

This principle applies to any number as long as the goals reaches that number. Not just a soccer match, other sports can have the same principles with little changes but with the same fundamentals.

Your results are generally shown as “H,” which does not indicate a win or loss result. It is just to show there is a result.

‘H” is used because goals or points can be changed, and there is no win or lose, it’s “Under or Over.”So “H” is displayed in your history regardless of winning the bet or losing the bet.

These are the basic terms of betting and now that you are familiar with “Under 1.5 Goals” you won’t face any confusion betting in your favorite betting sites.


All the bookmakers of sports event follow the under/over 0.5 goals rule so you don’t have to learn a new term when visiting a new sports betting site.